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Please visit these blogs for samples of site development and creative content.  Some sites are works in progress.

http://www.onlineforextrading.com/blog/nar-lacks-transparency-part-1/ – Forex articles

http://capitalshores.com/ – SME Consulting

http://www.myhearttransplant.net/ – Heart Transplantation

http://59oldniskayunaroad.wordpress.com/ – Real Estate Listing

http://12sageestate.wordpress.com/ – Real estate listing

http://www.wimbledon-tennis.com/wimbledon-2009/elena-serena-two-champions-one-winner.html – Tennis coverage

http://theleed.com/?p=464 – Ghost writing LEED – environmental

http://www.onlineforextrading.com/blog/guide-to-homebuyer-tax-credit/ – Ghostwriting 2009 Tax Credit

http://yordiscollection.wordpress.com/ – Jewelry – in progress

http://smchackers.wordpress.com/ – golf/humor

http://cthodges.wordpress.com/ – Fiction writing

http://suzyqdoo.wordpress.com/  – Real estate

http://custodioassetmanagement.wordpress.com/  – Financial services

http://www.howtogolftips.com/ – Beginning Golf Site

http://109woods.wordpress.com/ – Residential Construction

http://www.australianopen4u.com/history/the-australian-open-history.html – Tennis Gaming


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